Contact Us

Office Address:

41 Sheep Street

Telephone: 01604 628088

Out of hours service available to all tenants and landlords under management please call 01604 628088 and listen carefully to the message so that you can select the option which suits your need.


If you have had an issue which has not been resolved effectively and the issue remains outstanding you can raise the issue as a formal complaint provided you have done the following in advance:

  • Contacted the office warning a formal complaint will ensue if no response is given
  • Contacted the office in a formal manner such as a letter or email which is signed and dated
  • Given the office a realistic deadline to resolve your query and requested confirmation of how the query will be handled and resolved

If all of the above is carried out and the issue is still present a formal complaint can be raised in writing marked FAO Director of Eagle Estates Limited, 41 Sheep Street, Northampton, NN1 2NE. If you wish to place this in an email please call 01604 628088 for the appropriate email address.

When raising a complaint, please supply a general breakdown of the complaint, the time and date the issue had occurred, your grievances against the issue and some evidence of the complaint in writing, particularly anything in writing which may need to be referred back to.

We will require 14 days to acknowledge and handle your complaint with a response after further investigation. A conclusion will be placed in writing to your preferred method of contact.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our response, you can proceed with the complaint to the PRS scheme giving our membership number PRS004909.  Please provide to the PRS a full breakdown of the complaint, sharing all our correspondence and our conclusion on the matter.  At this point we will cease communication with you pending the PRS outcome. Please note, any information you supply in writing will be used in any correspondence required from the PRS in order to conclude the matter effectively.

Google Reviews:

Reviewing a company by marking their stars can have an impact on their public view.  If you are considering reviewing our company positively or negatively please can you include some dialogue as to the reason for the review.  We hope that you will not find it necessary to leave a negative review however, we understand that sometimes this happens.  Should you wish to leave a negative comment we would urge you to contact us directly beforehand so that we can try to help you privately.  We actively encourage tenants to provide feedback at the end of each tenancy as feedback is crucial for landlords and prospective tenants.  If you decide to leave a negative review we will respond with this.

"The person reviewing our company has been contacted and requested to write a public review of the reason for giving a particular level of stars. Until they reply we cannot agree or accept this review without further information but look forward to the reasons for the review so we can publicly respond. We have informed the reviewing party that we intend to respond in accordance to the review information and may extract data from communication in order for the public to have a clear idea of the concern "


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